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June 24, 2022 Terry’s Tips Trade Alert  – Earnings Eagle  Portfolio

June 24, 2022 Terry’s Tips Trade Alert  – Earnings Eagle  Portfolio

We are raising delta:

BTC 1 SPY 01Jul22 365 put (SPY220701P365)
STO 1 SPY 01Jul22 384 put (SPY220701P384) for a credit of $3.50 (selling a vertical) (100%) 

BTO 1 SPY 19Aug22 390 put (SPY220819P390) 
STC 1 SPY 19Aug22 371 put (SPY220819P371) for a debit of $6.90 (buying a vertical) (100%)  

BTC 1 SPY 01Jul22 383 call (SPY220701C383) 
STO 1 SPY 01Jul22 393 call (SPY220701C393) for a debit of $5.05 (buying a vertical) (100%) 

Be prepared to change this (these) price limit(s) by $.05 or more in order to get an execution.

Happy trading.



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