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An Interesting Statistic for Apple (AAPL)

Today I would like to share with you one startling fact about Apple stock and a relatively low-risk way to earn over 50% in one year with a simple options trade. 

In a world when most people are complaining that it is really difficult to make a nickel in this market, options still offer alternatives that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

An Interesting Statistic for Apple (AAPL)

AAPL has fluctuated all over the place for the past several years.  Most of the movement has been to the upside, but there have been serious downdrafts as well.  Following last April’s earnings announcement, for example, the stock rose to a new high of about $644 and then proceeded to fall about $100 over the next two months.

One thing has been constant, however, and knowing about it could be the most profitable idea you will encounter this year.  Here it is – ever since the market meltdown in late 2008 – there is not a single six-month period of time when the price of AAPL was less at the end of the six-month period than it was at the beginning of that period.  True, the stock tumbled about $100 from its high reached just after the April 2012 earnings announcement, but it has now more than recovered that entire loss and moved much higher (and we have not reached the six-month mark yet).

For the past 3 ½ years, there has never been a six-month period when AAPL was lower at the end of the six months than at the beginning of that stretch.  Think about that.  If you could count on that pattern continuing, it would be possible to make a single option trade, wait six months, and expect a significant gain at that time.

In June of this year when AAPL was trading about $575, I told my paying subscribers about a spread that I had personally placed (using large amounts of cash, in fact) in my family charitable trust account.  I placed what is called a vertical call spread on AAPL.  I bought AAPL 550 calls which would expire on January 18, 2013 (about 7 months away) and sold AAPL 660 calls with the same expiration date.

I paid just under $24 for the vertical spread ($2400 per contract).  If, seven months later, AAPL was at any price above $600, I would be able to sell the spread at exactly $50 ($5000 per contract).  If AAPL had not gone up, and was only at the current price ($575), the spread would be worth $25, and I would still make a small gain.

Of course, since that time, AAPL has moved much higher.  Now I am in a position where the stock could fall by $65 a share between now and January 18, 2013 and I will still double my money.

The spread I purchased for $24 is now trading for about $40.  I am still recommending to my risk-averse subscribers that it still might be a good investment, even at this price.  If you were to purchase the same spread for $40 or less, you would make 20% on your investment in January even if the stock were to fall by $65 during that time.

Meanwhile, my charitable trust account is prospering.  In two short months, its value has increased by 60%.  There will be a lot of happy Vermont charities when I send out donations at the end of this year.

Next week, I will discuss my latest thoughts on exactly which vertical spreads I would buy right now on AAPL to take advantage of the unusual pattern that is the subject of this week’s Idea of the Week.

There are many other ways that you can use options to make extraordinary gains when you feel fairly certain that a stock is headed higher.  One of our 8 portfolios is a bullish bet on AAPL.  Over the past five weeks, the stock has moved 13.3% higher, and this actual portfolio (mirrored by a large number of Terry’s Tips subscribers) has gained 360%.  Our portfolio has gained 27 times as much as the stock has gone up.

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