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Terry’s Tips has been in business for 19 years tweaking a strategy consisting of calendar and diagonal spreads which benefits from the higher decay numbers of the short (usually weekly) options.  We carry out 5 separate portfolios each of which uses a different underlying (currently COST, HD, IBM, MSFT, and TGT).

Our $97 monthly subscription fee covers all 5 portfolios. Sign on at 

These portfolios have made 100%+ average annual gains in 2017 and 2019, and 3 of them have doubled in value in the first six months of 2020.

Portfolio Performance Through 10/17/20


The "Current Value" column shows how much cash is need to Auto-Trade each portfolio.                            
Notes: Boomers Revenge and Honey Badger Started 2020 with different underlyings and later switched to the current ones.                            
Earnings Eagle withdrew the starting amount in May when the value had doubled. Rising Tide withdrew the starting amount twice, once in May & July, when the value had doubled.

A subscription to Terry’s Tips includes a weekly Saturday Report which summarizes and discusses all the current positions of each portfolio, and displays a risk profile graph of the likely profit or loss in the coming week for each portfolio.  A sample 6/20/20 portfolio report looks like this:

Summary of Wiley Wolf Portfolio This portfolio uses the 10K Strategy with MSFT as the underlying. The portfolio gained 120% in 2019 trading weekly options on MSFT.  In 2020, we converted to selling monthlies instead of weeklies because we consider having 5-8 months of life to our long positions to be more conservative.

Wiley Wolf portfolio summary

Results for the week: With MSFT (at $195.15) up $7.41 (3.9%) for the week, the portfolio gained $1,883, or 7.6%.  This is an unusually large gain considering MSFT rose so much. Most of the time, we do better when the fluctuation is more moderate (in either direction). A good part of this gain was due to IV gaining this week.  A week ago, the least-expensive (the at-the-money strike) one-week straddle would cost $5.58.  At yesterday’s closing prices, this straddle would cost $6.85.  The straddle cost is a good proxy for IV of underlying.  By this measure, for MSFT, IV rose 23% and the portfolio showed a large gain.  For COST, on the other hand, IV for the week fell by 23% and the Rising Tide portfolio lost value this week.

Next week, our short one-month options will expire.  The risk profile graph shows an unusually high possible gain with a flat or moderately higher stock price.  If IV continues at the same level, we have a chance for the portfolio to enjoy a gain of 200% for the year to date.  Wouldn’t that be exciting?

MSFT stock options balanced graph

You can become a subscriber and receive a copy of the most recent issue of the Saturday Report here -

It could be the smartest investment decision you make this year.

If you have any questions about us or our strategies, please write to me at

Happy trading,



Terry's Tips Stock Options Trading Blog

October 19, 2020

Can ADBE (ABDE) Hold Above the $500 Price Point?

After correcting lower last month, ADBE is starting to once again show signs of upward momentum. The stock has posted a series of higher highs and higher lows over the last four weeks as it oscillates higher in a rising trend channel.

October 12, 2020

Lowe’s (LOW) Boosted by Rise in Home Improvement Spending

From a technical standpoint, LOW has broken higher from an ascending triangle which is a bullish continuation pattern. Support for near-term dips falls at $170.50 which marks the top of the triangle.

October 5, 2020

DR Horton (DHI) Powers to Record High

DHI has posted gains in the last six straight months and shows renewed upward momentum after breaking above the August top.

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